Adam Wainwright
Recovering from April 2015 Achilles surgery
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
What the Cardinals saw from Adam Wainwright on Monday afternoon as he bounced off the mound, darted to backup bases, and even completed a faux rundown, probably means he's ready for the next step of a return to the mound only he predicted.

It will come out of the bullpen into a game, as soon as Wednesday.

Wainwright will meet with the team's medical staff Tuesday -- and some doctors in St. Louis will advise -- and it is at that point he could be cleared for game action. The club expects to allow him another day to recover from Monday's activity before utilizing him in a game. General manager John Mozeliak said it's unlikely the team would use him on back-to-back days during the regular season, but the schedule would allow him to appear three times (every other day) before the postseason arrives.

On Monday, Wainwright's assignment was completing a series of fielding drills while also throwing a simulated game. To replicate the experience of relief, Wainwright started his warmup as late as he possibly could and tried to rev-up his arm as quickly as possible -- as he would have to do in a late-inning situation. He then went through a series of situations that included pickoffs, bunt defense, and even covering home on a wild pitch. His final drill was a rundown, during which Mike Matheny served as one of the middle infielders chasing a runner between first and second with Wainwright.
Sept. 30