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Cardinals challenge is a contest where Cardinal fans predict the outcome of the season and earn points based on the actual results.


  1. One entry per email address. Each email address requires a unique username.

  2. Deadline to enter the contest is April 15, 2016 11:59pm CT.

  3. All entries may be changed until April 15, 2016 by going to your "My Points " page and clicking on the "Modify your Picks ".

  4. First place winner will recieve a $50 gift card good for merchandise at


  1. Points are awarded according to the point value listed next to each category.

  2. For stat categories such as wins and home runs you must choose the correct player in order to receive points for the corresponding stat.

  3. Points for stat categories are awarded based on how much you miss each stat.

  4. Scoring Example #1:
    - Adam Wainwright finishes the season with the lowest ERA on the team at 2.92.
    - You chose Adam Wainwright for the lowest ERA with a 3.00 ERA.
    - You receive 10 points for choosing the correct Adam Wainwright as the correct player and 17 points: 25 max pts - 8 pts missed (See scoring chart below).

    Scoring Example #2:
    - Matt Carpenter finishes the season with a batting average of .335.
    - You chose Matt Holliday with a batting average of .335.
    - You would receive 0 pts for both batting average categories since you chose the incorrect player.

  5. If there is a tie at the end of the season for first, the tie breaker category (total runs scored) will be used. If there is still a tie the person who entered the contest first will be the winner.

  6. Scoring results and standings are updated each day.

Which pitcher will earn the most wins? 10
How many wins will this pitcher get? 10
Which pitcher will have the lowest ERA in 2016? 10
What will this pitchers ERA be? 25
Which pitcher will finish the season with the most strikeouts? 10
How many strikeouts will this pitcher record? 25
Which pitcher will have the most appearances in 2016? 10
How many appearances will this pitcher have? 15
Which player will have the most home runs in 2016? 10
How many home runs will this player hit? 10
Which player will have the highest batting average in 2016? 10
what will the batting average of this player be? 20
Which player will have the most RBIs in 2016? 10
How many RBIs will this player have? 25
Which player will have the most stolen bases in 2016? 10
How many stolen bases will this player have? 15
What place will the Cardinals finish in 2016? 5
How many games will the Cardinals win in 2016? 10
National League Pitching Rank 5
National League Hitting Rank 5
National League Fielding Rank 5
Tie Breaker (Total team runs scored) 1